Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM) for healthcare, law firms and other businesses.

The six most important letters for your firm’s website are: SEO/SEM. Those letters stand for search engine optimization and search engine marketing. A website without SEO/SEM will not be seen by potential clientele. SEO/SEM is what ensures you appear on the first page of a Google search for particular keywords related to your law practice. For example, if you are a Nashville family lawyer, good SEO/SEM is what guarantees you high Google placement. The higher your placement, the more hits on your website, the more likely you are to bring in new clients.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Whether you are running a law office, medical practice, or any other business, the goal of your website, besides looking great, is to drive clients, patients, or customers to your business.  If you have a business that serves a single relative geographic location, you want to assure those searching for the services you provide, are located in the area you conduct business.  For example, if you are dentist in Bethesda Maryland, your goal is to have your site come up on the first page of google when performing a search for a dentist in Bethesda.

However, not everyone will use the geographic location in their search.  It is common to search for a “great dentist near me.”  Using SEO techniques along with unique content, we can help you achieve that goal and the best part is, you do not have to pay for expensive advertising to achieve that goal.  We specialize in helping clients optimize their websites at a relatively low cost so you can maximize your return on investment.

What is Search Engine Management?

In addition to SEO techniques, many business owners will also invest in pay per clicks (PPCs).  While PPCs can be a very valuable tool, they can also be very expensive and lead to wasted money if not managed properly.  You will see many companies that advertise themselves as preferred Google partners,  however this simply means they sell several PPCs.  It doesn’t mean they are doing the best job for their clients.

The first thing to understand is when you google anything, you  likely see one to three links at the top of the page above the Google Places map with a small box that says “Ad” next to the link.  These are paid ads called PPCs.  The reason they use the term PPC is because the advertiser pays every time someone clicks. The cost per click varies depending on the bid strategy utilized, the advertiser daily budget, and a variety of other factors.  Each time a consumer clicks it could cost you $25 or more if you are a competitive business in a competitive market.

For example, if you are an urgent care provider in New York City, the cost per click will be very high.  However, if you own a funeral home in St. Augustine, Florida, you may only have two competitors thus the cost per click would be low since it is based on a bid in an electronic auction.  It is important to remember that a click or “hit” is not a sale.  It is only the first step in the conversion process.

At Mettaxo, we can help you spend your advertising dollars effectively, keeping costs down and bringing you more patients, clients, or customers to your business.  We can also create unique landing pages to maximize your conversion rate.


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