Search Engine Optimized Content

The three most important components of having great search engine optimization (SEO) for your business website are content, content, content. Mettaxo offers a wide range of marketing services that allows you to focus on making money and performing quality services for your clients, patients, or customers. Mettaxo provides blog coaching where we give you the tools to do your own blogging that will get you the highest results in google searches. If you would prefer to outsource the blogging, Mettaxo has a ghostwriting service where our team of professionals provide high value SEO content for your website. Whether you are looking to outsource content writing or want to create your own content to keep costs down, we can customize a plan that fits your business needs.

Blog Coaching

At Mettaxo, we specialize in organic SEO. We not only help your site with search engine optimization, we provide you with the  knowledge and tools to strengthen your website’s search engine optimization without paying thousands of dollars per month. We offer blog coaching and SEO coaching as part of our web design packages to help your business save money on marketing. If you are a business that wants to save costs and focus on in house SEO and blogging, we give you the tools to do so.

Blog Content/Ghostwriting

Alternatively, some of our clients prefer an outside company play a larger role in developing website SEO. Mettaxo offers a range of packages that are tailored to your individual business needs. We offer ghostwriting and blog content packages where professional bloggers who are also specialists in your field create content tailored specifically for your business.

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