About Mettaxo

There are countless companies you can find who claim they can design a website for your company. This is certainly true, and they may even design a website that looks good, but the reality is, if your prospective customers, clients or patients can’t locate your website when searching on Google, it won’t do any good in terms of generating business.

Who we are

At Mettaxo, we have decades of combined experience running successful law firms and medical practices.  We also have experience in running general businesses ranging from brick and mortar retail to online services. Having this experience allows us to tailor our services to your needs in a way that will actually bring you the revenue your company deserves.
One of the common problems many business owners face when hiring a  marketing company, is they do not understand how their clients’ businesses actually work and how prospective customers search online.

Examples of How Mettaxo Can Help your Business

We have experience with a variety of law firms that practice in many different areas of law.  If you practice criminal defense law in Washington DC, drunk driving defense is likely to be a practice area that has the potential to bring in considerable revenue. What you want is an online marketing company that understands how people would search for a DUI lawyer.  We bring you the best results because our team has experience not only in working with law firms, but in actually getting and representing potential clients.  We also have experience in personal injury, family law and domestic relations, wills, trusts, and estates, real property law, and many other practices.  We can use our expertise in online marketing and actual practice to help you receive the best possible return on your investment (ROI).

We also have experience in running successful medical practices. We know how a prospective patient will search for their needs online and how to get them to your practice. This is very important because people search for healthcare providers in many different ways.  While there are some who may search for an orthopedist in Dallas, for example, there are others who will search about a specific symptom. If someone is having pain, they may simply ask Google “why do I have pain in my neck?”  This will likely bring results from WebMD or a  similar site, however, we know what it takes to have your chiropractor’s office show up on that first page of results, specific to your geographic location.  It will do no good if you are located in Miami and they are located in Los Angeles. We use our online marketing experience and knowledge of your practice to target your website to those prospective patients.

While we specialize in websites for law and medical, we also have a breadth of experience in designing websites for all kinds of businesses ranging from art galleries to wedding venues. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form so one of our specialists can contact you and begin working towards making your business even more successful.

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